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    Shelter Afrique is the only pan-African finance institution exclusively supporting the development of the housing and real estate sector in Africa.

    Our work has a direct and positive impact on the lives of many.

  • Everest Park Apartments

    Shelter Afrique Reacts to Reports of Loss at the Everest Park Apartments
  • Highlights

    Ghana became our 43rd member country in 2011, Côte d’Ivoire joined us as the 44th in 2012.

    We have an international rating of Ba1 from Moody’s, ranking Shelter Afrique amongst the best in Africa.
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  • Our view

    The best projects show maximum economic and social benefits, as well as strong financial merit.

    We believe that as we build a house, we build a family and a nation. This is our commitment to Africa.

What we do

We offer a host of unique housing finance products and services, practical advice and technical assistance to a wide range of industry stakeholders.

Case studies

For housing or commercial real estate finance, the best projects are those that show maximum economic and social benefits, as well as strong financial merit.

Work with us

As a pan-African housing finance institution, we offer a full suite of funding solutions to developers and finance institutions for new affordable housing projects across Africa.

Work for us

Rigorous codes of conduct allows us to deliver high quality services and maintain ethical values that are respectful to the environment and our communities.

‘We believe that as we build houses,
We build families and nations.
This is our commitment to the people of Africa.’

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Our Shareholders / Partners

Shelter Afrique is owned by 44 African member governments (Class A shareholders), and by the African Development Bank and Africa-Reinsurance (Class B shareholders).