Core Values

Through our systems, way of doing business, and our culture, Shelter Afrique consistently strives to deliver superior performance and returns to shareholders and clients.

To be able to do this, the company subscribes to the following values and principles, to ensure the delivery of high quality services to all stakeholders:

  • Effective corporate governance, from management and the board of directors, is at the centre of all strategic actions;
  • Strong client focus and provision of excellent services to all partners and stakeholders;
  • Transparent and open communication with staff and partners;
  • Confident in the ability of our people to deliver our objectives, we maintain the highest integrity and professionalism;
  • We believe in and value teamwork a problem-solving instrument, harnessing the best each staff member can offer;
  • Efficient administrative and risk management systems that protect the rights of our stakeholders and assets;
  • High ethical standards that mean our transactions are transparent and uphold the best in corporate governance;
  • Corporate social responsibility to the community, environment and vulnerable, makes us pursue innovative solutions;
  • Total commitment to regional integration and to the ideals of Shelter Afrique as a pan-African institution.