Dates – 31st October- 2nd November

Tuesday 31st October : Board Committee Meetings
Wednesday 1st November : Main Board Meeting;
Thursday 2nd November : Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

Venue- View Hotel, Morocco, Rabat

Moroccan regulations on entry into Morocco provide that any foreigner wishing to travel to Morocco must be in possession of a valid passport or other document recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document (Law no. ° 02-03 of 11 November 2003, on the entry and residence of foreigners in Morocco). There are two categories of visitors to Morocco: the category consisting of countries whose nationals do not require visas and the category of countries whose nationals are subject to the visa formality. The travel documents of the latter must be accompanied by the visas issued by the Moroccan administration.

Invited Ministers are in possession of their Diplomatic Passports and their visa will be issued free of charge. • For delegates who are nationals of countries subject to visa formalities, two options are available:

– Delegates who are nationals of countries hosting a diplomatic representation of Morocco: Apply and obtain the visa before departure to the Consulate of Morocco see list on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Visas are payable for delegates other than Ministers;
– Delegates from countries without diplomatic representation from Morocco: Provide flight plan and copy of the Passport to the organizing team of Morocco who will forward the names to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for transmission to the internal security of airports. Visas are payable for delegates other than Ministers.

See the link below for a list of countries whose nationals are not subject to visa requirements. Visa Requirements

Delegates and observers must pay their air tickets themselves. Casablanca International Airport is approximately 111.9 kilometers (1h 20 min) via the Rabat / A1 and A3 motorway.

  • A VIP lounge will be set up at Rabat airport to welcome all participants. To do this, it is recommended that delegates send their flight plans on time;
  • For other delegates arriving at the airport at 1 hour intervals, a public transport will be available. Otherwise, the delegate will have to take a taxi (50 dollars) or the train (5 dollars) For the rest.

Morocco spends Dirham which is 0.11 to the American dollar

The best periods to visit Morocco are the offseason: spring and autumn. The climate is considered very favorable and favorable respectively in October and November with average temperature varying between 22 and 26 degree Celsius.


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