Lines of Credit

Demand for medium to long term capital for financing housing developments and mortgages in African Countries far outweigh the supply. This is evidenced by a scan of most African financial institutions’ financial statements that demonstrate the maturity of their liabilities are largely short term and inappropriate for creation of long-term assets such as mortgages. We can mobilize long-term resources for on-lending to address this gap.

Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan has shifted from predominantly financing small scale developers to large- scale housing schemes across our member countries. We do this confident in the knowledge that we can leverage our partnerships with local financial institutions and reach out to small-scale developers. This will also allow us build up technical expertise in these institutions.

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To apply for financing from Shelter Afrique, please submit a formal written application letter stating your requirements. Applications will be processed on the basis of the following: a comprehensive business plan (including financial projections) drawn up by or on behalf of your company; detailed technical information such as site layouts and architectural plans; well defined off-take arrangements or a clear-cut marketing plan; audited financial statements for the past three years (or since inception if shorter); current year latest management accounts; plus, detailed profiles of senior management. To be eligible, your company must hold a valid title to the project land, free of any encumbrances, and should demonstrate strong corporate governance.

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