Strategic Goals

Shelter Afrique is a pan-African housing finance institution dedicated to providing a full suite of funding solutions for new affordable housing projects across Africa.

Over the next 5 years we will approve financing worth over USD1bn for new housing across Africa offering unprecedented opportunities for securing capital for your project. Request for financing and partnerships are welcome from developers, housing corporations, mortgage providers, housing cooperatives and employers.


Shelter Afrique’s vision since inception has been to become the leading player in strategic partnerships among key stakeholders for the efficient delivery of real estate and other related services in Africa.


Shelter Afrique continues to derive its mission from the mandate given to it by its founders to become a powerful instrument for the mobilization of financial and technical resources deployed for funding housing development in Africa.

Shelter Afrique uses its distinct presence and competitive advantage to create value-added products to enhance the development of the real estate sector.

Shelter Afrique’s mission is therefore to assist both private and public sector institutions in Africa to identify, finance and implement housing and related urban infrastructure projects to achieve our goal of housing for all.

How we achieve this:

In 2015, a refocus of Shelter Afrique’s strategy was conducted to prepare the Company to embark on a new and refocused pathway with distinct objectives and deliverables to be attained in the 2016 – 2020 period. The goal of the Strategy to 2020 is to diversify Shelter Afrique’s traditional lending business model by complimenting it with a differentiated model with additional products and a broader range of business activities such as hybrid debt and equity financing of housing projects, and the expert provision of knowledge sharing with member states through valued added and advisory services.

Therefore the objective of this differentiated and broader approach is to transform Shelter Afrique into a $1 billion organization in balance sheet assets by 2020.

Towards this objective, the Strategy has 3 critical principles that will guide this expanded and diversified approach in the next 5 years as follows:

  • Affordable Housing – A Focus on affordable housing in which Shelter Afrique will only invest when there is a clear link between the investment and the development of affordable housing at scale.
  • Relevance and Impact – Given this focus on affordable housing, funds disbursed by SHAF will seek to significantly increase supply and/or generate impact in the affordable housing market (e.g., through new technologies, job creation and a focus on youth and women). In this regard, Shelter Afrique will target segments of the housing value chain that will have a meaningful impact on housing provision, while opening Regional Offices in South, West and East Africa to get closer to the housing markets of its member shareholders.
  • Diversifying Sources of Capital – Shelter Afrique will seek to attract and to “crowd-in” other funds: from governments, other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and the private sector- to maximize the impact of its investments

In this Strategic period, these 3 principles will be organized into 3 Guiding Pillars for implementation purposes. These implementing pillars of the Strategy are as follows:

  • Pillar 1: The Reconsolidation of Shelter Afrique: This Pillar will solidify Shelter Afrique into a Capital Optimal Institution with Effective Operations. This will see Shelter Afrique entrench corporate and departmental performance with an optimal capital structure that is supported by effective and world class risk management, robust audit oversight and world-class project management of the housing projects it finances and invests into in the period to 2020.
  • Pillar 2: The Growth and Diversification of Shelter Afrique: This Pillar envisages Shelter Afrique as a high growth and diversified Business with the opening of the 3 regional offices to get closer to customers in order to deepen its business development operations through product diversification and the formation of subsidiaries to invest directly into affordable housing.
  • Pillar 3: Shelter Afrique As a Champion of Social Impact and Market Relevance in Housing: This Pillar Drives the Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Agenda of Shelter Afrique through the promotion of Job Growth for Youth and Women in the building and construction of housing projects, the promotion of energy and water efficiency in housing and the infusing of sustainability and inclusive growth indicators in all Shelter Afrique operations.