1) Who and what are we?

Shelter Afrique is a Pan-African housing finance institution, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, owned by 44 African member governments (Class A shareholders)
The African Development Bank, Africa-Reinsurance and Fonds de solidarité Africain.(Class B shareholders)

2) Is Shelter Afrique an NGO?

No, we are a profit-making finance company, wholly owned by our shareholders.

3) Does Shelter Afrique have branch offices in member countries?

To date, we have a central office in Nairobi, Kenya, and two regional offices in Abuja Nigeria, and Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

4) Is Shelter Afrique a construction company?

No, we are a development finance institution, dedicated to mobilize and provide financing and advisory solutions for housing and related infrastructure. We do not build houses or engage directly in real estate construction.

5) Can I get a mortgage from Shelter Afrique?

No, Shelter Afrique is not a retail bank and therefore does not lend directly to individuals, but rather to financial institutions/intermediaries that will then on-lend to individuals and/or developers.

6) Who can apply for Shelter Afrique financing?

The following categories are eligible for Shelter Afrique funding:

- Private corporate entities duly registered in their respective jurisdiction Financial Institutions

- National Housing Authorities or relevant government agencies

- Organized Co-operative Societies

7) Are there criteria my project must meet to be eligible for financing?

Yes, to be eligible for Shelter Afrique funding your project must include the following:

- Be technically sound

- Have good prospects of being profitable

- Benefit the local housing/real estate sector

- Be environmentally and socially sound, satisfying Shelter Afrique’s environmental and social standards as well as those of the host country

8) Is my country eligible to receive Shelter Afrique financing?

To receive Shelter Afrique funding, ideally your project must benefit a member state. However, we do also consider projects in non-member states on a case-by-case basis.

9) What types of financing does Shelter Afrique provide?

Shelter Afrique provides clients with loans, loan participations under syndication schemes, equity and trade finance. We can offer financing in various currencies, including Kenya Shillings, CFA Francs, Rand, US Dollars and Euro.

10) How much will Shelter Afrique lend?

- Shelter Afrique will finance:Up to 60% of a project construction cost;

- Up to 50% of its equity, to any financial institution;

- With an exposure to any borrower not exceeding 15% of its own shareholders’ funds

- Investments typically ranging from USD2 million to USD10 million.

11) What interest rate does Shelter Afrique charge?

We offer competitive lending rates on a fixed or floating basis. Our applicable interest rates will typically vary according to our cost of funds per currency and the risk profile of the transaction and the borrower.

12) What is Shelter-Afrique’s financing tenure?

As a general guide, the following lending tenures are available:

- Short term loans (1-2 years)

- Medium term loans (2-5 years)

- Long term facilities (5-10 years)

- Special loans (10 – 12 years)

- Long term and special facilities are only available to sound financial and housing finance institutions or seasoned real estate companies that have an established and consistent profitability track record of no less than three years.

13) Is there a grace period?

Yes, we can offer a grace period of up to three years for project preparation and implementation depending on the nature and merits of the project. Interest on disbursed funds is however payable during the grace period.

14) How do I apply for funding?

If you’d like to apply for funding from Shelter Afrique, please sendyour application and supporting documents to:

Director of Business Development & Operations Shelter Afrique Centre,
Longonot Road, Upper Hill,
P.O. Box 41479 (00100),
Nairobi (KENYA)
E-mail: info@shelterafrique.org